52nd CDC 2013: Florence, Italy

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Topics in Nonlinear Systems I (Regular Session)

Network Analysis I (Regular Session)

Switched Systems I (Regular Session)

PK/PD Modeling for Decision Support in Healthcare (Invited Session)

Behavioral Systems (Regular Session)

Systems and Control Methods for Cybersecurity (Invited Session)

Nonlinear Control Applications I (Regular Session)

Queuing and Transportation Networks (Regular Session)

Delay Systems I (Regular Session)

Energy Systems I (Regular Session)

Optimization I (Regular Session)

Modeling, Estimation and Control of Distributed Parameter Systems I (Invited Session)

Variational Approaches in Optimal Control (Invited Session)

Game Theory I (Regular Session)

Stochastic Systems I (Regular Session)

Topics in Nonlinear Systems II (Regular Session)

Network Analysis II (Regular Session)

Stability of Switched Systems: Theoretical and Computational Aspects I (Invited Session)

Control and Optimization in Medicine and Biology (Invited Session)