46th CDC 2007: New Orleans, LA, USA

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Systems Biology and Control (Tutorial Session)

Integrated Communication and Control (Invited Session)

Nonlinear Control Theory (Regular Session)

Stability of Hybrid Systems (Regular Session)

Game Theory (Regular Session)

Partial Order Techniques for the Analysis and Synthesis of Hybrid and Embedded Systems (Tutorial Session)

Algorithms and Theories of Robust Control (Regular Session)

Distributed Parameter Systems I (Invited Session)

Iterative Learning Control (Regular Session)

Consensus Algorithms (Regular Session)

Stochastic Systems, Identification, and Control I (Invited Session)

Fault Detection (Regular Session)

Output Feedback and Observers (Regular Session)

Sample Data Control I (Regular Session)

Linear Systems I (Regular Session)

Scheduling in Sensor Networks (Regular Session)

Constrained Control (Regular Session)

Modeling Applications (Regular Session)

Modeling of Biological Systems (Regular Session)

Control Over Networks (Regular Session)

Nonlinear Systems I (Regular Session)

Analysis and Control of Hybrid Systems (Regular Session)

Game-Theoretic Methods in Networking and Control I (Invited Session)