ROBIO 2014: Bali, Indonesia

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A01: Soft Robotics

B01: Surgical Robots I

C01: Mobile Robots I

D01: Image Processing

E01: Space Robots

F01: Simulation Systems

A02: Biologically Inspired Robots and Systems I

B02: Surgical Robots II

C02: Mobile Robots II

D02: Vision-based Object Detection

E02: Smart Actuators

F02: Human Robot Interaction I

A03: Biologically Inspired Robots and Systems II

B03: Medical Robotics I

C03: Field Robots

D03: Vision-based Recognition

E03: Micro Manipulation

F03: Human Robot Interaction II

A04: Snake Robots

B04: Medical Robotics II

C04: Multi-sensor Based Navigation and Localization

D04: Stereo Vision

E04: Multi-scale Robot Sensing and Manipulation