DATE 2013: Grenoble, France

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Acceleration and verification of ESL and analog systems

Energy optimization in multi-core systems

Memory and cache architectures

Communications, multimedia, and consumer electronics

Hot topic: reliability challenges of real-time systems in forthcoming technology nodes

Safety critical real-time systems

Hot topic: IP subsystems: the next productivity wave?

Panel: the heritage of mead & conway: what has remained the same, what was missed, what has changed, what lies ahead

Addressing process and delay variation in high-level synthesis

Microarchitectural techniques for reliability

Energy efficient mobile and cloud computing systems

Dealing with timing variation in advanced technologies

Timing analysis

Hot topic: design for variability, manufacturability, reliability, and debug: many faces of the same coin?

The quest for better NoCs

Embedded tutorial: reliability analysis reloaded: how will we survive?

Emerging solutions to manage energy/performance trade-offs along the memory hierarchy

Device identification and protection

New techniques for test pattern generation

Hot topic: security challenges in automotive hardware/software architecture design

Hot topic - system approaches to energy-efficiency

Panel: can energy harvesting deliver enough power for automotive electronics?

Post-silicon debug techniques

Novel approaches for real-time architectures

Error-aware adaptive modern computing architectures

Advances in mixed-signal, RF, and MEMS testing

Compilers and software synthesis for embedded systems