ASP-DAC 2010: Taipei, Taiwan

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Embedded systems design techniques

Advanced model order reduction technique

Logic synthesis

Special session: techniques for efficient energy harvesting and generation for portable and embedded systems

Memory management and compiler techniques

Power and signal integrity

System-level simulation

Special session: 3D integration and networks on chips

Emerging memories and 3D ICs

Macromodeling and verification of analog systems

System-level modelling and analysis

Special session: recent advancement in post-silicon validation

New techniques for beyond-die routing

Analog layout and testing

New techniques in technology mapping

University LSI design contest

Clock network analysis and optimization

Test solutions for emerging applications

Power, performance and reliability in SoC design

Designers' forum: State-of-the-art SoCs

Advances in modern clock tree routing

Timing-related testing and diagnosis

Application-specific NoC design

Designers' forum: Is 3D integration an opportunity or just a hype?

Modern floorplanning and placement techniques

Power optimization and estimation in the DSM Era

Design verification and debugging