ESSDERC 2013: Bucharest, Romania

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A2L-A JOINT PLENARY: W. Maszara (Global Foundries)

B2L-A JOINT PLENARY: S. Finkbeiner (Bosch)

C1L-A JOINT PLENARY: M. Maharbiz (UC, Berkeley)


A4L-E ESSDERC Keynote: T. Kimoto (Kyoto Univ.)

B3L-E ESSDERC Keynote: L. Baldi (Micron)

A3L-A Emerging FET Devices

A3L-C GaN and NEMS

A3L-F Emerging FET-like Modeling

A5L-E ESSDERC Invited Session I

A6L-E Technologies and Devices for RF and Power Applications

A6L-F Optoelectronic and Photonic devices

B4L-A Emerging Devices

B4L-B Processing & Integration

B4L-D Reliability Aspects from Device to Circuit I

B5L-A Si-based Devices

B5L-B Silicon Doping

B5L-D Reliability Aspects from Device to Circuit II

B6L-A Emerging MOS: Variability & Defects

B6L-B Nanowire Electronics

B6L-C Emerging Memories II

B6L-C Emerging Memories II

C3L-B MEMS Devices and Technologies I

C3L-D Advanced Characterization of Novel MOS FET Structures

C5L-E ESSDERC Invited Session II

C6L-D Carbon-based Devices

C6L-E Emerging Memory Modeling

C6L-F MEMS Devices and Technologies II

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