ISVLSI 2015: Montpellier, France

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Session 01: Computer Aided Design and Verification

Session 02: Efficient Digital Designs

Session 03: Physical Design and Testing

Session 04: FPGA and NoC Based Designs

Session 05: Poster Session

Session 06: Ph.D. Forum

Keynote 1

Session 07: Special Session: IP Protection

Session 08: Special Session: Biosignal Processing Embedded Systems

Session 09: Mixed-Signal and Optimization

Session 10: Digital Designs

Session 11: Special Session: Minimizing Energy Consumption of Computing to the Limit

Session 12: Special Session: Unconventional Computing

Session 13: Emerging Device Based Designs

Session 14: Special Session: Emerging Non-Volatile Memories

Session 15: Post-CMOS Computing Systems

Session 16: Secure and Trusted Systems

Session 17: Special Session: Software Engineering for VLSI and Embedded Systems

Session 18: 3D and NoC Based Systems

Session 19: Embeded System Design

Session 20: Digital System Design

Keynote 2

Session 21: Special Session: Carbon-Based Materials for THz Nanoelectronics

Session 22: Special Session: Memory and Computing Units in Emerging Paradigm

Session 23: Special Session: Techniques and Trends for Energy Efficient and Ultra Low Power Digital

Session 24: Fault-Tolerant Design

Session 25: Test for Digital Design

Session 26: Reliable Design Techniques

Session 27: Special Session: Efficient Design of Manycore Embedded Systems

Session 28: Special Session: Energy-Efficient Design Methods for Emerging Technologies

Session 29: Reliable Circuits and Systems

Session 30: Power and Noise Aware Systems

Session 31: Special Session: 3D Design Challenges and Perspectives

Session 32: Special Session: Test, Calibration and Tuning of Analog/RF Circuits

Session 33: Signal Converter Circuits

Session 34: Analog Design and Test

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