Microelectronics Reliability, Volumes 76-77

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Volumes 76-77, September 2017

Editorial Tutorial Key-note paper Session A : Quality and Reliability assessment Poster session A Session B1 : Semiconductor Failure Mechanisms & Reliability: Defect analysis from device to product Session B2 : Semiconductor Failure Mechanisms & Reliability: Circuit reliability analysis Poster session B Session C : Progress in Failure analysis: Defect Detection and Analysis Poster session C Session D1 : Reliability of SiC devices, from material to system Session D2 : Reliability of millimeter wave and power devices Session D3 : Reliability of high power GaN transistors Poster session D Session E : Interconnections and new failure modes Poster session E Session F1 : Power Devices Reliability and Failure analysis : Interconnection reliability Session F2 : Power Devices Reliability and Failure analysis : Model and simulation Session F3 : Power Devices and Modules: Reliability and Failure analysis Poster session F 28th European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis
Poster session F Session G : Photonics Reliability Poster session G