24. ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI 2017: Banff, AB, Canada

Keynote & Invited Talks

Session 1: Emerging Technologies and Paradigms for Low Power Computing

Session 2: Design Techniques for Non-Traditional Computing

Session 3: Strategies for In-Memory Computing

Session 4: Circuits, Architectures, and System Level Issues for Many-Core Processors

Session 5: CAD for the Nano Era

Session 6: Hardware Security: New Advances in Timing Side Channel and Logic Obfuscation

Session 7: Testing and Reliability

Session 8: Emerging Technologies, RF Circuits and Security Functions

Session 9: CAD under Challenges: Tight Constraints and Unreliability

Session 10: Memory Design from Circuits to Architectures

Special Session 1: Low Power Computing based on Non-Volatile Memories

Special Session 2: Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuit (3D IC) Security

Special Session 3: Logic Obfuscation for IoT Security: A New Arms Race?

Special Session 4: Efficient IoT Systems: The Power of Heterogenous Integration

Poster Session I

Poster Session II

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