ASP-DAC 2003: Bangalore, India

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Bus encoding and memory optimization

DSM interconnect and gate issues

Embedded software: task scheduling and compilation

Combinational and sequential verification

C-based specification and ASIP design

On-chip inductance

Circuit and modeling

Logic optimization and technology mapping

SoC and NoC

Clock synthesis and capacitance extraction

Analysis methodologies for circuits

Symbolic simulation and verification

Modeling for floorplan

(Special session) panel discussion: anatomy of platform-based design: is it the savior of UDSM SoC design crisis?

Reconfigurable systems

Design methodologies for leading edge low-power design

Performance driven floorplan

(Special session) invited talks: virtual core based reuse methodology for SoC design

(Special session) invited talks + panel discussion: adaptive computing: what can it do, where can it go?

Leading edge design examples

Design space exploration

(Special session) panel discussion: roles of funding agencies in technology-driven economic development

(Special session) invited talk: legal protection for semiconductor intellectual property

(Special session) presentation and poster session: university LSI design contest

System-level power issues

(Special session) invited talks: design methodologies for 50M gate ASICs

(Special session) invited talks: mixed signal test