29th VLSI Design 2016: Kolkata, India


Embedded Tutorials

Special Sessions

Networks on Chip (Session M/B-1)

Advances in Architecture (Session M/B-2)

Advances in Digital Design (Session T/C-1)

Analog/RF Design 1 (Session M/A-2)

High Performance Analog for Digital Systems (Session T/A-1)

Analog/RF Circuits for Communications (Session T/A-2)

Analog/RF Design 2 (Session W/A-1)

Power Aware Design (Session M/C-1)

Process Technologies and Advancements in Memory (Session M/A-1)

Device Modeling and Simulation (Session W/D-1)

Emerging Technologies in Integrated Circuits and Healthcare (Session T/D-2)

Emerging Trends in Digital IC Design (Session W/A-1)

Issues in Embedded System Design (Session W/B-1)

FPGA-based Designs and Reconfigurable Architectures (Session M/C-2)

New Test Generation Methods (Session T/B-2)

Reliability and Fault Tolerance (Session W/B-2)

Advances in Timing, Verification and Synthesis (Session T/B-1)

Technologies for Secure Embedded Circuits and Systems (Session T/C-2)

Interactive Presentation Papers-1 (Session W/C-1)

Interactive Presentation Papers-2 (Session W/C-2)