ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI 2019: Tysons Corner, VA, USA

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Keynote & Invited Talks

Tech Session 1: Design and Integration of Hardware Security Primitives

Tech Session 2: VLSI Circuits and Power Aware Design

Tech Session 3: : VLSI for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Tech Session 4: Next Generation Interconnect: Architecture to Physical Design

Tech Session 5: Designing robust VLSI circuits. From approximate computing to hardware security

Tech Session 6: Emerging Computing & Post-CMOS Technologies

Tech Session 7: Physical Design and Obfuscation

Tech Session 8: Quantum Circuits and Emerging Technologies

Tech Session 9: Towards Fast, Efficient, and Robust Memory

Tech Session 10: MSE

Poster Sessions I, II

Special Session 1: In-Memory Processing for Future Electronics

Special Session 2: Approximate Computing Systems Design: Energy Efficiency and Security Implications

Special Session 3: Recent Advances in Near and In-Memory Computing Circuit ?

Special Session 4: Opportunities and Challenges for Emerging Monolithic 3D Integrated Circuits

Special Session 5: Robust IC Authentication and Protected Intellectual Property: A Special Session on Hardware Security

Special Session 6: Neuromorphic Computing and Deep Neural Network

Panelist Position Papers

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