ICASSP 2014: Florence, Italy

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SS1: Signal Processing for Big Data

SPTM-L1: Sampling Theory and Methods I

SAM-L1: Radar Array Processing

SLTC-L1: Speaker diarization

SLTC-L2: Spoken Language Understanding I

IVMSP-L1: Image Quality Assessment

SLTC-P1: Deep Neural Networks in Speech Recognition I

SLTC-P2: Stochastic Speech Synthesis

SPTM-P1: Time Frequency Analysis, System Modelling and Estimation

SPTM-P2: Signal and System Modelling, and Estimation I

SPCOM-P1: Coordinated transmission in heterogeneous networks

IVMSP-P1: Face Recognition

IVMSP-P2: Stereoscopic and 3D Processing