CHI 2015: Seoul, Republic of Korea

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Non-Rigid Interaction Surfaces

What do I hear? Communicating with Sound

Rethinking Evaluation for Today's HCI

Improving Game Experiences

Facebook Newsfeeds & Friendships

Activism in Wikipedia & Beyond

HMDs & Wearables to Overcome Disabilities

Visualizing Data

Interaction in 3D Space

Understanding & Evaluating Performance

Music & Art

Supporting Change in Developing Countries

Privacy, Security & Interruptions

Making & Sharing Assistive Technologies

Matching & Facilitating Social Interactions

Reflecting Upon Design Reflection

Makers & Hackers

How Fast Can you Type on your Phone?

Understand & Enhancing Learning

Family Communication

Crowdsourcing Fans & Friends

Managing Personal Privacy

Health Sensors & Monitoring

Collaborative Tables, Walls & Rooms

The Value of Things

Muscle-Computer Interfaces

Phones for more than Just Talking & Text

Search & Recommendations