18th AAMAS 2019: Montreal, QC, Canada

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Keynote Talks

1A: Reinforcement Learning 1

1B: Socially Intelligent Agents 1

1C: Multi-Robot Systems

1D: Verification and Validation

1E: Economic Paradigms: Learning and Adaptation

1F: Agent Societies and Societal Issues 1

2A: Reinforcement Learning 2

2B: Practicial Applications of Game Theory

2C: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

2D: Social Choice Theory 1

2E: Game Theory 1

2F: Agent Societies and Societal Issues 2

3A: Learning and Adaptation

3B: Socially Intelligent Agents 2

3C: Engineering Multiagent Systems 1

3D: Social Choice Theory 2

3E: Game Theory 2

3F: Logics for Agents

4A: Learning Agent Capabilities

4B: Multimodal Interaction

4C: Deep Learning

4D: Robotics