IWBBIO 2014: Granada, Spain

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SS10: Effective Soft Computing Methods for Biomedical Signals

SS9: Biomaterials in Biomedicine: Computational approaches

SS1: Multi-biomarker and informatics in cancer diagnosis

SS6: ePathology - Realities and Perspectives

SS7: Modelling of cellular pathways and disease

Biomedical Data Mining

SS2: Discovery of non-coding and structured RNAs

SS14: Better Oncology Treatment and Patient Outcomes by Using Therapy-Related Symptom Checklists (TRSC/TRSC-C) and a Computerized Two-Way Communication System

High Performance for Sequence Analysis

SS11: Chaperone Therapy for Protein Misfolding Disorders with Brain Dysfunction

SS8: Integration of data, methods and tools in biosciences

SS4: High Performance Computing in Bioinformatics

SS3: Biological Knowledge Visualization

Bioinformatics Tools and Databases

SS13: Computational analysis of gene regulatory elements with next-gen sequencing data

Gene Expression and Microarrays

Biomedical Engineering and eHealth Applications

SS15: Computational MRI: Theory, Dynamics and Applications

Computational Proteomics and Biological Systems

Ethical Principles in Biotechnology and Bioengineering

High Performance Bioinformatics for Healthcare and Diseases

miRNA Regulation Networks

Computational Approaches for Genomics and NGS

SS16: Bioinformatical Approaches to Disordered Proteins

SS18: Stochastic Modelling of Biological Systems

Poster Session