ISPD 2023: Virtual Event, USA

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Session 1: Opening Session and Keynote I

Session 2: Routing

Session 3: 3D ICs, Heterogeneous Integration, and Packaging I

Session 4: 3D ICs, Heterogeneous Integration, and Packaging II

Session 5: Analog Design

Session 6: Keynote II

Session 7: DFM, Reliability, and Electromigration

Session 8: Placement

Session 9: New Computing Techniques and Accelerators

Session 10: Lifetime Achievement Commemoration for Professor Malgorzata Marek-Sadowska

Session 11: Keynote III

Session 12: Quantum Computing

Session 13: Panel on EDA for Domain Specific Computing

Session 14: Hardware Security and Bug Fixing

Session 15: ISPD 2023 Contest Results and Closing Remarks

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