EMS 2014: Pisa, Italy

Keynote Speakers

TRACK: 01-A Intelligent Systems

TRACK: 02-B Hybrid Intelligent Systems and Hybrid Soft Computing

TRACK: 03-C Methodologies, Tools, and Operations Research

TRACK: 04-D Bio-informatics and Bio-Medical Simulation

TRACK: 05-E Discrete Event and Real Time Systems

TRACK: 06-F Image, Speech, and Signal Processing

TRACK: 07-G Industry, Business, and Management

TRACK: 09-J Engineering: Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Control

TRACK: 10-K Energy, Power Generation, and Distribution

TRACK: 11-L Transport, Logistics, Harbour, Shipping, and Marine Simulation

TRACK: 12-M Virtual Reality, Visualization, and Computer Games

TRACK: 14-P Internet Modelling, Semantic Web, and Ontologies

TRACK: 15-R Mobile/Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, Mobicast, Sensor Placement, Target Tracking

TRACK: 16-S Performance Engineering of Computer and Communication Systems

TRACK: 17-T Circuits, Sensors, and Devices

TRACK: 18-U Finite Element Modelling

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