9th ISMIR 2008: Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Session 1a: Harmony

Session 1b: Melody

Session 1c: Timbre

Session 1d: MIR Platforms

Session 2a: Music Recommendation and Organization

Session 2b: Music Recognition and Visualization

Session 2c: Knowledge Representation, Tags, Metadata

Poster Session 2d: Social and Music Networks

Session 3a: Content-based Retrieval, Categorization and Similarity 1

Session 3b: Computational Musicology

Session 3c: OMR, Alignment and Annotation

Session 4a: Data Exchange, Archiving and Evaluation

Session 4b: Musical Expression and Meaning

Session 4c: Automatic Music Analysis and Transcription

Session 5a: Content-Based Retrieval, Categorization and Similarity 2

Session 5b: Feature Representation

Session 5c: Rhythm and Meter

Session 5d: MIR Methods

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