Patterns, Volume 1

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Volume 1, Number 1, April 2020

Opinions Perspectives Articles Opinions People of Data Opinions

Volume 1, Number 2, May 2020

Articles People of Data Opinions Articles Opinions Articles Perspective Opinions Creations People of Data

Volume 1, Number 3, June 2020

Descriptors People of Data Articles Opinions Review Perspective Descriptors Creations Articles Opinions Preview Opinions

Volume 1, Number 4, July 2020

Articles Perspective Review Articles Descriptor People of Data Opinions Preview

Volume 1, Number 5, August 2020

Articles Perspective Articles Opinions Articles Creations Opinions Preview

Volume 1, Number 6, September 2020

Articles Descriptor Articles Review Articles Opinions Perspective Opinions Correction

Volume 1, Number 7, October 2020

Articles Perspectives Articles Descriptors Articles Perspectives Articles Preview People of Data Descriptors Opinions

Volume 1, Number 8, November 2020

Descriptors Articles Descriptors Review Descriptors Articles Perspective Articles Correction Preview Opinions

Volume 1, Number 9, December 2020