15th IWCMC 2019: Tangier, Morocco

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TM-1: Invited Papers

TM-2: Network Management (Wireless Nets Symposium)

TM-3: IoT Services (5G-IoT Workshop)

TM-4: Network Security (Security Symposium)

TM-5: SatCom Physical Layer and Multiple Access (Satellite Symposium)

TM-6: Data and Energy Management in WSNs (WSNs Symposium)

TM-7: Emerging Technologies and Applications (Wireless Nets Symposium)

TA-1: Fog/Edge/Cloud IoT (5G IoT Symposium)

TA-2: e-Health (e-Health Symposium)

TA-3: Communication Systems (General Symposium)

TA-4: Comm. & SP (Comm. & SP Symposium)

TA-5: Heterogeneous Networks (Wireless Nets Symposium)

TA-6: Vehicular Communications I (Vehicular Symposium)

TA-7: Internet of Things (Wireless Nets Symposium)

TA-8: Physical Layer Security (Security Symposium)

TA-9: Digital Investigation & Information Assurance Techniques (DIIAT)

TA-10: Multimedia Information Processing (Multimedia Symposium)

TA-11: Multimedia & Networking (Multimedia Symposium)