iThings/GreenCom/CPSCom/SmartData 2016: Chengdu, China

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iThings 2016

Session 1: IoT Enabling Technologies

Session 2: IoT Networking and Communications

Session 3: IoT Services and Applications

Session 4: IoT Industries and Technology

Session 5: Devices, Sensing, and Networking

Program for Special Session

Session 1: Intelligent IoT Advances

Session 2: Emerging Networking and Applications

Session 3: Management and Services for IoT

Program for Short Paper

Session 1: Monitoring, Routing, and Industrial Applications

Session 2: Security and Privacy-Preserving Protocols

Session 3: Smart Devices, Sensing, and Algorithms

Program for Video

CPSCom 2016

Session 1: Devices, Sensing, and Networking

Session 2: Modeling and Control

Session 3: CPSS Data Management and Mining

Program for Work-in-Progress Session

Program for Cyber-Physical-Social System Special Session