APMS 2016: Iguassu Falls, Brazil

Computational Intelligence in Production Managements

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Knowledge-Based PLM

Modelling of Business and Operational Processes

Virtual, Digital and Smart Factory

Flexible, Sustainable Supply Chains

Large-Scale Supply Chains

Sustainable Manufacturing

Quality in Production Management

Collaborative Systems

Innovation and Collaborative Networks

Agrifood Supply Chains

Production Economics

Lean Manufacturing

Cyber-Physical (IIoT) Technology Deployments in Smart Manufacturing Systems, an SM & CPPS SIG Workshop Session

Smart Manufacturing System Characterization, an SM & CPPS SIG Workshop Session

Knowledge Management in Production Systems

Service-Oriented Architecture for Smart Manufacturing System, an SM & CPPS SIG Workshop Session

Advances in Cleaner Production

Sustainable Production Management - Which Approaches Work in Practice?

Operations Management in Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing

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