ICNSC 2014: Miami, FL, USA

MA01 System Optimization

MA02 Model-Based Developments for Embedded and Cyberphyiscal Systems

MA03 Data-based Scheduling for Complex Manufacturing Systems

MA04 Computer Vision and Image Processing

ME01 Application of Petri Nets to Transportation and Manufacturing

ME02 Development of Wireless Sensor Networks with Uncertainty Environment

ME03 Emerging Tecnologies for Environmental Sensing and Information Exploitation

TA01 Wireless Communications I

TA02 Smart Home Environments

TA03 Agent Based Systems

TA04 Sensor Networks I

TE01 Wireless Communications I

TE02 System Security

TE03 Internet of Things

TE04 Information Technology and Application

WM02 Intelligent Service and Social Networking

WM03 System Control

WM04 Discrete Event Control of Networked Systems

WN01 Vehicles and Energy

WN02 Sensor Networks II

WN03 Healthcare Information Systems

WN04 System Modeling and Analysis

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