40th COMPSAC 2016: Atlanta, GA, USA

SETA: COMPSAC Symposium on Software Engineering Technology and Applications

Session 1: Static Analysis

Session 2: Operation and Management

Session 3: Mining Software Repositories

Session 4: Prediction and Summarization

Session 5: Vulnerability Detection and Test Oracle

Session 6: Testing and Fault Prediction

Session 7: Debugging

Session 8: Formal Methods

Session 9: Empirical Study

Session 10: Exploratory Study

ECPE: COMPSAC Symposium on Embedded & Cyber-Physical Environments

ECPE Invited Talk

Session 1: Model-Driven Development

Session 2: System Design and Tools

Session 3: Specification and Verification

ITiP: COMPSAC Symposium on IT in Practice

ITiP Invited Talk

Session 1: Healthcare Support Systems

Session 2: Internet of Things

Session 3: IT Service Applications

SEPT: COMPSAC Symposium on Security, Privacy and Trust in Computing

SEPT Invited Talk

Session 1: Attack Protection

Session 2: Cloud Security

Session 3: Mobile and Privacy

Session 4: Authentication and Access Control

Doctoral Symposium

Doctoral Symposium Session 1

Doctoral Symposium Session 2

HCSC: COMPSAC Symposium on Human and Social Computing

HCSC Invited Talk

Session 2: Data Mining and Community Detection

TAIN: COMPSAC Symposium on Technologies and Applications of the Internet

Session 1: Network Protocols and Applications

WEDA: COMPSAC Symposium on Web, Big Data & Analytics

WEDA Keynote

Session 1: Data Analytics

Session 2: Semantics Discovery and Management

Session 3: Big Data Applications

Session 4: Semantics Discovery and Management

NATA: COMPSAC Symposium on Novel Applications and Technology Advances in Computing

Session 1: IoT Application and Middleware

Session 2: Cloud Computing

Session 3: Software Security

CELT: COMPSAC Symposium on Computing Education & Learning Technologies

Session 1: CS as a Lifelong Discovery

Session 2: CS and Learning Environments

Session 3: Learning Outcomes and Assessment

MOWU: COMPSAC Symposium on Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Computing

Session 1: Smartphone-based Localization

Session 2: Mobile Data and Cloud

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