28th COMPCON 1984: San Francisco, California, USA

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1. Numerical Supercomputers

2. From Logo To Logic Programming

3. Office Automation

4. Videodiscs and Microcomputers: Applications and Software

5. Super Scientific Computers

6. Evaluating Product Software

7. End User Computing in the Office

8. Laser Printers

9. Molecular Computing

10. Expert Systems I

11. Networked Workstations

12. Hardware-Software Systems for Very Large Scale Information Retrieval

13. Fast IEEE Floating-Point Arithmetic

14. Expert Systems II

15. High Performance Graphics Terminals and Workstations

16. Legal Issues

17. Super Microcomputers

16. Local Area Network Standards and Their Implementations

19. Computer Graphics in Japan

20. Health and Safety Issues of Computers and VDTs

21. New Very-High-End Architectures I

22. Software Maintenance: Methodologies and Experiences

23. Databases for CAD/VLSI

24. Computing for the Handicapped

25. New Very-High-End Architectures II

26. Developing Microprocessor Standards

27. CAD/CAE On Personal Computers: Tools or Toys?

28. Innovative Display Technologies

29. Innovative Computer System Architectures for AI

30. Modula-2 - A Replacement for Pascal?

31. Structured VLSI Design

32. Authorship Tools

33. New Generation Computer Architectures

34. UNIX: Riding the Crest

35. Magnetic vs. Optical Storage - A New Ballgame?

36. Update on Stars (Panel Session)

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