ACM SIGMOD Conference 2005: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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Research Papers


Anonymity and Nondisclosure

Personal Information Spaces


Data Cleaning and Mapping

Query Processing Techniques

Adaptive, Automatic, Autonomic Systems


Stream Aggregation

Storage, Indexing, and System Architecture

Streams and Pipelined Processing

Correctness and Trust

XML Processing

Spatial and High-Dimensional Data

XML Query, Update, and Search


Estimation and Approximation

Stream and Sequence Mining

Continuous Queries

Mining Biological and Medical Data

Spatial and Multimedia Data

Graph and Tree-Structured Data

Industrial Papers

Enterprise Information Integration

Metadata Management for Data Integration

From Data Management to Information Management

Query Processing

Databases and Service Oriented Architectures

Service Oriented Architectures, Middleware


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


Tutorial 1

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