SC 2021: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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ACM Gordon Bell finalists

Computational biology

Best practice experiences from pre-exascale systems

Efficient deep learning tools

Trends in scalable computing

Computational fluid dynamics

Cloud and edge computing

Large scale neural network training: Part I

Application performance optimization

State of the practice


Hardware efficient deep learning

Materials science

Accelerator architectures

File system

Distributed training and graphs

Tools and modeling

Performance studies

Large scale neural network training: Part II

High-performance numerical methods

Systems software (1)

High performance graph algorithms

Linear and multilinear algebra and applications

HPC and applications

Sparse neural networks

Systems software (2)

Numerical discretization

Performance analysis and optimization

Data analytics and storage systems

Scalable I/O and persistent memory

Data compression and workflows

Quantum computing and simulation

GPUs and stream processing

Storage and application characteristics

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