Rules and Reasoning

since 2017: the RuleML Symposium has merged with the International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems to form the new International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning

RuleML+RR 2019: Bolzano, Italy

RuleML+RR 2018: Luxembourg

RuleML+RR 2017: London, UK

RuleML 2016: Stony Brook, NY, USA

RuleML 2015: Berlin, Germany

RuleML 2014: Prague, Czech Republic

RuleML 2013: Seattle, WA, USA

RuleML 2012: Montpellier, France

RuleML America 2011: Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Florida

RuleML Europe 2011: Barcelona, Spain

RuleML 2010: Washington, DC, USA

RuleML 2009: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

RuleML 2008: Orlando, Florida, USA

RuleML 2007: Orlando, Florida, USA

RuleML 2006: Athens, Georgia, USA

RuleML 2005: Galway, Ireland

RuleML 2004: Hiroshima, Japan

RuleML 2002: Sardinia, Italy

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