24th PIMRC 2013: London, UK

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PHY1: Physical Layer Security - I

PHY4: Channel Modelling and Simulation I

PHY49: PHY Aspects of WLAN, WPAN, and WBAN

PHY5: Physical Layer Network Coding

PHY50: Vehicular Communications

PHY7: PHY Interactive-Poster I

PHY10: Channel Modelling and Simulation II

PHY11: Positioning, Localisation, and Tracking Techniques

PHY12: Channel Estimation

PHY13: PHY Interactive-Poster II

PHY8: Physical Layer Security - II

PHY9: Advanced Modulation Schemes

PHY14: Physical Layer Security- III

PHY15: Energy Harvesting Communications

PHY17: Cognitive and Green Radio I

PHY18: PHY Performance Evaluation I