ISIT 2012: Cambridge, MA, USA

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Source Coding with Side Information

Multiple Access Codes

Two-Unicast Networks

Secrecy Modesl in Wiretap Channels

List Decoding and Reed-Solomon Codes

Combinatorical Problems in Coding

Gaussian Channels

Information Theoretic Tools and Properties

Theory of Quantum Error Correction

Network Source Coding with Side Information

Variations on Broadcast Channels

Multi-Hop Multi-Flow Wireless Networks

Wiretap Channels with Feedback, Side Information, and Common Messaes

Reed-Muller Codes

Constrained Coding

Capacity of Gaussian Channels

Distributed Detection and Estimation

Quantum Codes from Classical Codes

Lossy Source Coding

Three-Receiver Broadcast Channels

*-and-Forward Relaying

Secure Communications

Spatially-Coupled Coding

Codes and Their Applications

Deletion Channels

Directed Information, Common Information, and Divergence

Communication Problems in Quantum Optics

TheSlepian-Wolf and CEO Problems

Capacity of Broadcast Channels

Connectivity and Interference