PRO-VE 2021: Saint-Étienne, France

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Sustainable Collaborative Networks

Sustainability via Digitalization

Analysis and Assessment of Business Ecosystems

Human Factors in Collaboration 4.0

Maintenance and Life-Cycle Management

Policies and New Digital Services

Safety and Collaboration Management

Simulation and Optimization

Complex Collaborative Systems and Ontologies

Value Co-creation in Digitally Enabled Ecosystems

Digitalization Strategy in Collaborative Enterprises Networks

Pathways and Tools for Digital Innovation Hubs

Socio-Technical Perspectives on Smart Product-Service Systems

Knowledge Transfer and Accelerated Innovation in FoF

Interoperability of IoT and CPS for Industrial CNs

Sentient Immersive Response Network

Digital Tools and Applications for Collaborative Healthcare

Collaborative Networks and Open Innovation in Education 4.0

Collaborative Learning Networks with Industry and Academia

Industrial Workshop

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