27th ICDE 2011: Hannover, Germany

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Social Networks and Personal Information

Web Applications and Cloud Computing

Streams and Sensor Networks

Data Warehousing, OLAP and Data Grids

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery I

Distributed and Mobile Systems

Uncertain and Probabilistic Data

Query Processing and Optimization I

Outlier Processing

Data Integration, Metadata Management and Interoperability

Privacy and Security

Temporal, Spatial and Multimedia Data

Distributed Systems

Semistructured Data, XML and Web Data Management

Text, Uncertain and Probabilistic Data

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery II

Database User Interfaces and Information Visualization

Query Processing and Optimization II


Privacy and Scientific


Query Processing and Optimization III

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery III


Systems, Experiments, Applications

Industry Session 1: Web-Information Management

Industry Session 2: Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Industry Session 3: Database Technology

Industry Session 4: Cloud Computing