28th ICCCN 2019: Valencia, Spain

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Invited Session 1: Internet of Things

Invited Session 2: Software Controlled Networks: SDN & NFV

Invited Session 3: Sensor Networks

Invited Session 4: Network Control

Invited Session 5: Network Science

Invited Session 6: Security & Safety

Session 1: SDN & Network Virtualization

Session 2: Social Networks & Computing

Session 3: Wireless LAN, Ad Hoc and Mesh Networks

Session 4: Network Optimization I

Session 5: Network Optimization II

Session 6: Data Centers and Edge/Cloud Computing

Session 7: Security, Privacy & Incentives

Session 8: Hot Topics in Networking I

Session 9: Hot Topics in Networking II

Session 10: Green Networking & Sustainable Computing

Session 11: Internet of Things

Poster Session I: Wireless Networks Topics: Wireless Communications, Channel Modeling, Ad Hoc Networks

Poster Session II: Secure & Smart Networks Network Topics: AI, IoT, Security, SDN

BDMLS Workshop: Session 1: Malware Detection

BDMLS Workshop: Session 2: Network and IoT Security

BDMLS Workshop: Session 3: Algorithm

BDMLS Workshop: Session 4: Attack Detection

ECN Workshop: Session 2: Edge Computing Management

ECN Workshop: Session 3: Edge Networking

EoT Workshop: Session 1: EoT Technologies and Applications

EoT Workshop: Session 2: EoT Models and Architectures

SmartCityCom Workshop: Session 2

SMS Workshop: Session 1: Social Media and Public Health

SMS Workshop: Session 2: Social Media and Society

VFIA Workshop: Session 1: MANETs' Management