IASSIST Conference 2011: Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Plenary I

A1: Recent Developments in the DDI Implementation Landscape I

A2: Data Management Services: New Roles and Connections

A3: Building Capacity to Link, Visualize, Identify, and Discover

A4: Extending Data Support Services

B1: Describing Qualitative Data Formally - Where Are We with DDI and Its Relatives?

B2: The IASSIST SIGDC Presents: Perspectives on Data Citation

B3: Question and Variable Level Discovery and Access

B4: Taking the Pulse of Nations: Issues and Approaches to Census Taking in the 21st Century

C1: Recent Developments in the DDI Implementation Landscape II

C2: DataCite - Making Data Citable

C3: Trusted and Valued: Data Quality Issues

C4: Building Data Services for Confidential and Organizational Data

Plenary II

D1: Recent Developments in the DDI Implementation Landscape III

D2: Power of Partnerships in Data Creation and Sharing

D3: Teach This! Teaching Data in the Library and Across the University

D4: Latin America, Spain, and Portugal: An Overview of Data Organizations and Resources

Pecha Kucha

E1: Enriching Metadata: Controlled Vocabularies and Ontologies

E2: Data without boundaries

E3: The NSF Data Management Plan Requirement: An Opportunity and Challenge for Research Data Librarians

E4: Challenges and Capabilities for Long-term Preservation of Scientific Data

Poster Session

F1: Data Management Plans: UK, US, Australia

F2: Statistical Metadata Strategies and Benefits

F3: Government Data Dissemination

F4: Curate, Manage, and Share: Support and Repository Services

G1: Continuity and Change - Tales from the Development of the New Australian Data Archive

G2: Facilitating Secure Access to Confidential Data

G3: Social Networks and User Engagement: Sharing Data and Knowledge

G4: Data Service Initiative for Social Science and Humanities, DASISH

Plenary III

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