IASSIST Conference 2010: Ithaca, NY, USA


A1: Developing a Longitudinal Data Archive: Lessons Throughout the Data Lifecycle

A2: Downstream Curation: Researchers and Data Management

A3: New Directions in Inter-Archival Collaboration from the Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences

A4: DDI 3 Tools: Possibilities for Implementers

B1: Models of Collaboration in Data Curation

B2: Connecting the Dots: New Tools for Research

B3: Beyond the Traditional Data Archive

B4: DDI 3 Tools: Possibilities for Implementers

C1: Social Networking in Action

C2: Data Sharing: An Important Step in Scientific Method

C3: Sustainable Data Preservation

C4: New Directions in Qualitative Data Access

Plenary II

D1: Automated Curation Tools and Services for Metadata

D2: Stir it Up: Comparative Data

D3: Virtual Research Environments: Tools for Presenting and Storing Data

D4: Restricted Data Access: Principles and Standards

E1: Engaging New Users

E2: Connecting the IASSIST Community Across the Web: IASSIST Publications Committee and e-Community Infrastructure Action Group Discussion with Members

E3: Panel: Confidentiality and Access Concerns of the Social Sciences and Human Subjects Ethics Review Boards

E4: Secure Remote Access to Restricted Data

Social Networking / User Needs

F1: Data Reference in Depth

F2: Data Management: Engaging Researchers and Crossing Disciplines

F3: Connecting with the Community: Stakeholder Participation in the Development and Operation of Qualitative Data Archives

F4: Providing Secure Access to Sensitive Data

G1: Data Reference in Depth

G2: Social Network Dynamics

G3: Preservation: Interoperability and Reproducibility

Plenary III

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