IASSIST Conference 2008: Stanford, CA, USA

Plenary I

A2: Describing Data and Data Use

A3: Moving Research Data Into and Out of Institutional Repositories

A4: Web Tech: Presentation and Design

B1: Cultures of Data Sharing

B2: Tools for Data Visualization and Manipulation

B3: What Is Old Is New Again

B4: Something New, Borrowed, and Blue: Comparing Experiences in Developing Data Services

C1: In Data We Trust: Maintaining Confidentiality, Authenticity and Quality

C2: Facilitating Data Access: Developing Multi-Function Access to Data Collections

D1: Metadata: Enhancing Access to Data Resources

D2: Data Discovery and Dissemination: Linking Librarians, Vendors, and Archives

D3: Numeracy, Quantitative Reasoning and Teaching about Data

E1: Data Security and Access: Connecting from Afar

E2: Under the Hood: Choosing a Standard

E3: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Data on the Web from Vision to Practice to Sustainability

F1: Implementation, Application, and Sharing of DDI Resources

F2: Integration and Linking: Bringing Data and Documents Together

F3: The Challenges of Data Preservation

G1: Innovation in the Use of International Data for Teaching and Learning

G2: Licensing, Privacy and Protection

G3: Beyond Numbers: Preserving and Delivering Non-numeric Collections

H1: The CESSDA ESFRI Project - Setting Up a One-Stop Shop for European Data

H2: New Data, New Tools: the State of Software Development at the Minnesota Population Center

H3: Establishing Data Archives in Developing Countries: Some Initial Steps

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