IASSIST Conference 2005: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


Plenary I

A1: Cross-national Socio-economic Data: Boundaries of Evidence

A2 : National Initiatives in Coordinating Preservation: Working Together

A3 : Enlightened Policies: Improving Collections and Acquisitions

B1 : Cross-national Social Data: Building Common Ground

B2 : Panel: DDI Structural Reform

B3 : Building Data Services: Evidence from the Users

C1 : The Life Course of Survey Data: Evidence from New Tools

C3 : New Insights in Providing Data Services: A Variety of Evidence

D1: Data Shaping the Neighbourhood: Localised Insight

D2: Enriching Metadata: the Lifecycle Perspective

D3: Tools to Support Data Services: New Approaches

D4: New Insights in Providing Data Services: A Variety of Evidence

E1: Transforming Social Data into Information

E2: Tools for Preservation: Integration and Assessment

E3: Enlightening Access Control: New Methods

E4: Discovering a Profession: the Accidental Data Librarian

F1: Timeless Social Data: Past, Present & Future

F2: Metadata Enlightenment: Mark-up Standards and Issues

F3: Training for the Use of Data: Evidence from the Trenches

Plenary II

G1: Topical Data Collections: Cultural Gems

G2: Gaining New Insight from Tables and Aggregate Data: Pivotal News

G3: Transforming Data Archives: the Latest Insights

H1: Becoming Enlightened about Discovering Data: Finding Evidence

H2: Shaping Metadata Insight: The Metadater Tool

H3: Using National Data

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