13th FG 2018: Xi'an, China

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FG 2018 Main Conference

Session 1: Face Recognition

Session 2: Facial Expression Recognition

Session 3: Special Session on Perception, Cognition, and Psychophysiology of Gesture Interaction

Session 4: Databases and Tools

Session 5: Facial Synthesis

Session 6: Gesture Analysis

Session 7: Special Session on Deep Learning for Face Analysis

Session 8: Facial Biometrics and Face Technology Application

Session 9: Affect and Expression

Session 10: Psychological and Behavioral Analysis

Session 11: Face Detection and Alignment

Session 12: Multimodal Data for Personal Wellness and Health

Session 13: Poster Session 1

Session 14: Poster Session 2

FG 2018 Workshops

8th International Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding and 2nd International Workshop on Automatic Face Analytics for Human Behavior Understanding (HBU 2018)

Facial Micro-Expression Grand Challenge (MEGC 2018): Methods and Datasets

1st Workshop on Large-Scale Emotion Recognition and Analysis

Face and Gesture Analysis for Health Informatics (FGAHI 2018)

1st International Workshop on Real-World Face and Object Recognition from Low-Quality Images (FOR-LQ 2018)

FG 2018 Demos