12th FG 2017: Washington, DC, USA

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FG 2017 Main Conference

Session I: Face Recognition

Session II: Facial Expression Analysis

Session III: Remote Physiological Measurement from the Face and Body I

Session IV: Aging

Session V: Poster Session 1

Session VI: Gesture Recognition, Analysis & Synthesis

Session VII: Face and Landmark Detection

Session VIII: Remote Physiological Measurement from the Face and Body II

Session IX: Technologies and Applications

Session X: Poster Session 2

Session XI: Psychological & behavioral analysis

Session XII: Analysis of Group Interactions

Session XIII: Poster Session 3

First International Workshop on Adaptive Shot Learning for Gesture Understanding and Production: ASL4GUP 2017

Joint Challenge on Dominant and Complementary Emotion Recognition Using Micro Emotion Features and Head-Pose Estimation: DCER & HPE 2017

3D Facial Expression Recognition and Analysis Challenge: FERA 2017