CSCW 2017: Portland, OR, USA

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Opening Keynote

Locations and Relations

Communication, Couples, & Control

Content Quality

Agents, Robots & the Wizard of Oz

Creativity - Supporting Collaboration

Language Matters

Social Media & The Individual

Politics, Party, Policy, & Participation

Education & Games

Teens & Children

Leave Me Alone: Privacy & Notifications

Design - Supporting Collaboration

Overcoming Barriers

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Media

Viva La Video

Data & Work

What Works in Crowd Work

Emergency & Safety Work - Collaboration around

Work & Production Practices

Models & Language in Work & Investment

Gender, Death, & Design

Challenges in Sharing Experiences

Trolls & Harassment

Crisis Management

Tracking Activity & Health

Online Movements

Ranking & Recommendation

With a Little Help from My Friends... [CAUTION]

On New & Old Research Methods