CloudCom 2015: Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Session 1A: Big Data and HPC

Session 1B: Security and Privacy I

Session 1C: Architecture I (Resource Management)

Session 2A: Services and Applications I (Performance Evaluation)

Session 2B: Cloud Computing and IoT

Session 2C: Short Papers I

Session 3A: Media, Social Media, and Gaming Applications

Session 3B: Architecture II (Virtualization and Synchronization)

Session 4A: Architecture III (Energy Management and Fault Tolerance)

Session 4B: Architecture V (Pricing-Based Schemes)

Session 5A: Services and Applications III (Cloud Computing Operations Management)

Session 5B: Security and Privacy II

Session 6A: Architecture IV (Resource Management)

Session 6B: Short Papers II

Poster/Demo Papers

PhD Consortium Papers

The Second International Workshop on Enterprise Security

Data Teaching Workshop

The First IEEE Workshop on Delay-Sensitive Video Computing in the Cloud (DSVCC)

First International Workshop on Quality of Service Assurance in the Cloud (QAC 2015)

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