27th CIKM 2018: Torino, Italy

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Session 1A: Content Understanding

Session 1B: Top-K

Session 1C: Graph Learning 1

Session 1D: Neural Recommendation

Session 1E: Interactive IR 1

Session 2A: Data Integration

Session 2B: Knowledge Graph Learning

Session 2C: Data Quality

Session 2D: Online Learning

Session 2E: Personalization

Session 3A: Social Data Analytics 1

Session 3B: Evaluation in IR 1

Session 3C: Graphs

Session 3D: Facets and Entities

Session 3E: Indexing

Session 4A: Stream Analytics 1

Session 4B: Network Models

Session 4C: News

Session 4D: Joint Models for IR

Session 4E: Recommendation 1

Session 5A: Evaluation in IR 2

Session 5B: Health and Medical

Session 5C: Machine Learning 1

Session 5D: Similarity 1

Session 5E: Neural Ranking

Session 6A: Machine Learning 2

Session 6B: Knowledge Modelling

Session 6C: Graph Learning 2

Session 6D: Information Credibility

Session 6E: Text Classification

Session 7A: Social Data Analytics 2

Session 7B: Stream Analytics 2

Session 7C: Hardware Approaches

Session 7D: Recommendation 2