20th AINA 2006: Vienna, Austria

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Volume 1


Keynote 1: Intelligent WEB Services: Are They Coming?

Session A1: P2P Networks

Session B1: Video-on-Demand and Video Streaming

Session C1: Ad Hoc Networks Routing Algorithms

Session D1: Fault Tolerance

Session A2: Multimedia Applications

Session B2: Secure Mechanisms and DoS

Session C2: Routing Algorithms

Session D2: Distributed Systems and Models

Session A3: Context-Aware Systems

Session B3: Intrusion Detection

Session C3: Network Architectures and Modeling

Session D3: Cluster and Grid Computing

Session A4: Scheduling

Session B4: Multimedia Systems and Protocols

Session C4: Agent-Based Systems

Session D4: Sensor Network Applications

Session A5: Distributed Systems

Session B5: Multimedia Modeling and Applications

Session C5: Multicasting

Session D5: Wireless Networks

Session A6: Mobile and Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Session B6: Network Analysis

Session C6: Internet Applications

Session D6: Network Applications and Algorithms

Session A7: Sensor Networks

Session B7: Ubiquitous Systems

Session C7: Next Generation Networks

Session D7: P2P Systems

Session A8: Dependability