International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, Volume 49

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Volume 49, Number 1, January 2021

Analog and Digital Circuits for signal Processing

Volume 49, Number 2, February 2021

Cover Image Special Section: DC-DC Converters Special Section: Circuit Theory & Applications Corrigendum

Volume 49, Number 3, March 2021

Announcement Special Section: control Circuits and Applications Special Section: analog signal Processing Circuits

Volume 49, Number 4, April 2021

Special Section: Digital Circuits/Systems and Applications Special Section: Power Circuits/Systems and Applications

Volume 49, Number 5, May 2021

Special Section: Circuit Theory Special Section: Digital Circuits, Systems and Applications

Volume 49, Number 6, June 2021

Special Section: Interdisciplinary Applications of Circuit Theory Special Section: Power Systems

Volume 49, Number 7, July 2021

Special Section: Optimization and control Applications