WSC 2014: Savannah, Georgia, USA

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Keynote and titans: keynote address

Keynote and titans: titans I

Keynote and titans: titans II

Introductory tutorials: agent based simulation

Introductory tutorials: simulation optimization

Introductory tutorials: introduction to supply chain simulation

Introductory tutorials: computational probability applications

Introductory tutorials: design of experiments

Introductory tutorials: simulation manufacturing

Introductory tutorials: simulation successful practices

Introductory tutorials: simulation project management

Introductory tutorials: introduction to information and process modeling

Advanced tutorials: verification and validation

Advanced tutorials: discrete-event simulation software

Advanced tutorials: developing discrete-event systems simulators

Advanced tutorials: uncertainty in input modeling

Advanced tutorials: modeling and simulation of cell biological systems

Advanced tutorials: cloud computing for agent-based modeling & simulation

Agent-based simulation - complexity

Agent-based simulation - applications I

Agent-based simulation - ecomonics

Agent-based simulation - applications II

Agent-based simulation - frameworks

Agent-based simulation

Agent-supported simulation

Analysis methodology: methods for financial applications

Analysis methodology: arrival process modeling

Analysis methodology: variance reduction for rare event problems

Analysis methodology: variance reduction for markovian systems and diffusion processes

Analysis methodology: simulation of non-standard processes

Analysis methodology: analytical aspects of modeling

Analysis methodology: statistical analysis of simulations

Analysis methodology: input modeling

Analysis methodology: output analysis

Analysis methodology: multiresponse simulation

Big data simulation and decision making: simulations of traffic and social interactions

Big data simulation and decision making: data and simulations

Big data simulation and decision making: population dynamics and economics

Big data simulation and decision making: numerical laboratories

Big data simulation and decision making: simulations, scheduling and data handling

Big data simulation and decision making: panel: the future of computerized decision making

Business process modeling: business process modeling techniques

Business process modeling: business process modeling applications

Business process modeling: software development and maintenance operations

Environmental and sustainability applications: smart grid simulation & optimization

Environmental and sustainability applications: energy & electricity modeling and simulation

Environmental and sustainability applications: agent-based simulation for environmental and sustainability applications

Healthcare applications: surgical resource management

Healthcare applications: patient access

Healthcare applications: healthcare treatment processes

Healthcare applications: medical decision analysis

Healthcare applications: healthcare systems analytics