12th Web Intelligence / IAT 2013: Atlanta, GA, USA

2013 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence

Session 1: Web Intelligence Foundations I

Session 2: Web Intelligence Foundations II

Session 3: Recommendation I

Session 4: Recommendation II

Session 5: Information Retrieval

Session 6: Web Data Analysis

Session 7: Web Ontology Engineering

Session 8: Web Semantics

Session 9: Semantic Web Applications

Session 10: Personal Web Data Mining

Session 11: Big Web Data Mining

Session 12: Intelligent Web Data Mining

Session 13: Web Data Clustering

Session 14: Web Mining Applications

Session 15: Social Networks and Ubiquitous Intelligence I

Session 16: Social Networks and Ubiquitous Intelligence II

Session 17: Web Services

Session 18: Intelligent Human-Web Interaction I

Session 19: Intelligent Human-Web Interaction II

Session 20: Intelligent E-Technology I

Session 21: Intelligent E-Technology II

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