28. UIST 2015: Charlotte, NC, USA

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Opening Keynote Address

Session 1A: Tactile Feedback

Session 1B: Large Displays, Large Movements

Session 2A: Fabrication 1 -- Augmentation

Session 2B: 3D & Augmented Reality

Session 3A: Sensing Techniques

Session 3B: Intelligent Information Interfaces

Session 4A: Fabrication 2 -- Flexible and Printed Electronics

Session 4B: Tools for Programmers

Session 5A: Touch Input

Session 5B: Tangibles

Session 6A: Gaze

Session 6B: Pushing Virtual and Physical Envelopes

Session 7A: Wearable and Mobile Interactions

Session 7B: Neurons, Affect, Ambiguity

Session 8A: Hands and Fingers

Session 8B: Fabrication 3 -- Complex Shapes and Properties

Session 9A: Online Education

Session 9B: Pens, Mice and Sensor Strips

Closing Keynote Address

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