ACM SIGMOD Conference 2012: Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Distributed and parallel databases

Indexing and physical database design I

Data cleaning and integration

Query processing and optimization

Social networks and graph databases I

Data visualization, error reporting

Storage systems, query processing and optimization

Data streams and sensor networks

Mobile databases

Data analytics

Crowdsourcing, uncertainty in databases

Top-k query processing and optimization

Temporal and graph databases

Information retrieval and text mining

Social networks and graph databases II

Indexing and physical database design II

Keynote addresses


Demonstrations group A: information extraction, search, performance, and clouds

Demonstrations group B: social- or user-centered

Demonstrations group C: analytics

Databases in the cloud

Social media and crowdsourcing

Modern RDBMSs

Big data

Data integration and analytics

Query processing and war stories

Undergraduate poster competition

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