SAINT 2011: Munich, Germany

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Sensor Networks


Social Networks

Mobile Networking


Short Papers

Joint COMPSAC/SAINT Doctoral Symposium - SAINT Topics Papers (Poster Presentation)

The Second Workshop on High Speed Network and Computing Environments (HSNCE 2011)

The Second International Workshop on "Semantic Interoperability for Smart Spaces" (SISS 2011)

Enabling Technologies for Smart Spaces

Smart Space Solutions & Applications

The Fifth Workshop on Middleware Architecture in the Internet (MidArch 2011)

The Second Workshop on Network Technologies for Security, Administration and Protection (NETSAP 2011)


Detection of Malicious Activities

The First International Workshop on the Information-Centric Web (IC-Web 2011)

The Second International Workshop on Enablers for Ubiquitous and Context-Aware Services on Sensor Networks (EUCASS 2011)

Service Platform Using Ubiquitous Sensors and Devices

Management Technology for Ubiquitous Computing and Networking

The Second Workshop on Company, Campus and Community Networking - Technology, Management and Ethics - (C3NET 2011)

Access Management

Web Services

Future Internet Engineering (FIE 2011)

The Second Workshop on Heuristic Methods for the Design, Deployment, and Reliability of Networks and Network Applications (HEUNET 2011)

Application-Centric Approaches

Meta-Heuristic Approaches

The Fourth Workshop on IT-enalbed Services (ITeS 2011)

Information Diffusion

ITeS in Financial Services

ITeS in Commerce

ITeS in Healthcare and Privacy Protection

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